Inject personality into your bathroom

Long forgotten are the cold, drab and dreary bathrooms of the past, why should a bathroom be boring just because it’s a functional space? Give your bathroom a personal stamp, turn the originality up to eleven. Sophie Weston, Marketing Manager at Geberit UK discusses here how to turn your bathroom into a haven of interior design self-expression.

Consider first the emotion you are trying to evoke with your desired bathroom. Nothing is off limits. For instance, if this is a family bathroom destined for toys in the tub and teeth brushing encouragement at the basin, why not make the bathroom space a fun one with splashes of colour or perhaps an unexpected statement lighting choice.

Conversely, if you are craving a bathroom for relaxation and calm, consider bringing the outside in with plants and biophilic accessories. On particularly stressful days bring your eucalyptus plant into the steamy shower with you, it will release the most wonderful scent, sure to encourage calm.

With all interiors, you should consider sprinkling some personality into the bathroom so that it feels like yours. Additionally, it’s important to invest in long waring, quality ceramics, so as you grow, live, and evolve in your bathroom sanctuary, your ceramics stand the test of time. At Geberit, we offer sleek, intelligently designed bathroom furniture in neutral colours like white, grey, or even black, allowing you to create a statement in whatever way takes your fancy.

The Geberit Acanto range, for instance, offers such versatility with clear design, organic shapes and smart detailed solutions. The range features high quality materials and surfaces, cleverly designed storage space for optimal reach and innovations that allow easy cleaning. The sleek and understated design of Acanto’s stylish bathroom furniture, allows for complete creative freedom in every aspect of the bathroom.

But don’t stop there, coordinating the staples in your bathroom can really bring harmony to a room. For instance, finishing touches like flush plates might often be overlooked, but many models are now available in a variety of colours to suit whatever theme you’ve picked for your bathroom; the Geberit Sigma50, for example, comes in natural finishes, like Black Walnut or Mustang Slate.

These reliable bathroom pieces will allow you to inject personality into your space with contrasting colours, daring patterns and fun finishing touches – like funky plant pots, textured rugs or interesting ornaments on shelves.

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